Wave goodbye to missed Instagram Stories

StoryTracker by Companion enables brand and agency clients to keep track of all the Instagram Stories produced for their campaigns by their chosen influencers.

What makes StoryTracker special?

Using an API with image and text recognition AI layered over the top, StoryTracker by Companion allows the user to locate Instagram stories from any account being followed as soon as they are posted and store them for reporting before they disappear.

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StoryTracker Makes It Simple

All you have to do is add your influencers to StoryTracker and/or the #hashtag(s) you want to track. There is no need to influencers to log in or authorize.

  • A library of relevant campaign stories saved for 30 days
  • Download the content you need, when you need it
  • Value-Added posts are automatically captured
  • Backed by the power of Companion

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